Beat (used_beatup) wrote,

18. [video/action for Route 34]

[the camera turns on to Beat, who is hanging out in front of the Pokemon Day-Care. Behind the fence is Lil' Punk the Furret, and his Lanturn, sitting in the pond.]

Yo - it's me. I went kinda AWOL for a bit, and I didn't get the chance to tell, so I jus' want y'all to know that I didn't mean to, uh, worry no one. And sorry. I know I didn't call everyone I shoulda, but I'm still kinda confused about who's still here and who ain't.

[he looks behind him through the fence, then to two eggs in his lap, which he is awkwardly showing now]

... So I found these from that Easter thing. Well - aight, one was in the park and the other one jus' kinda showed up. But I had to make room for em', and tha's when I found this place! Yo, how come nobody told me there was some people who could watch your pokemon for ya?

[he shifts the camera behind the fence. The furret's kind of rolling around in some soft grass, but when she spots the camera, she hisses and idly swats in its general direction. Shoo, camera B( No capturing her dere side. He turns it on the Lanturn instead, which is blowing some bubbles in the pond.]

I think Lil's gonna be pretty happy here. She always hated bein' in the box, and I felt kinda bad about it. Like I could kinda relate. Every time I end up in one of those freakin' super-naps, it jus' keeps buggin' me how much time I lost, yo! It can't be much fun comin' out of the computer and it's suddenly two weeks later or something. That's even like the bare minimum since travel in these parts takes so freakin' long. Some of my pokemon are okay wid it, but like...

- Eh, wait, that wasn't even the point, yo! I was gonna ask somethin' about the eggs!

... Man, I totally forgot what it was.

[he shrugs, stares awkwardly behind him again as though Lil and Lanturn would be able to remind him. But when, of course, they don't, he just shuts the thing off.]
Tags: the furret is evil
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