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13. [video]

[After the fourthwall, Beat had no idea where he was, so he decided to just get on G-Dawg's back and have his awesome Houndoom nose lead them to civilization. Now, he's in Olivine City, which is surrounded by ocean. After having done some exploring (particularly of the famous restaurant he heard of from a bunch of rowdy sailors), he's taking this opportunity to let Fish 2 swim around the perimeter of the city. G-Dawg trots at his side, wearing Beat's backpack. And Beat is filming! Because this town is the least dinky he's been in, having skipped Goldenrod, so color him impressed.]

Sup, Johto! Who wants a tour of Olivine?

[Right now they're at the Lighthouse, and Two is in the shot. And yes, Rise, he still has the necklace. Starting from there, he'll run around with the gear, going "ooh" and "aah" at things, basically being an annoying tourist with a camera. Until finally-]

Booyaka! They got a beach! Hit me, Number Two! Splash attack!

[Two growls and gives him this grumpy stare. THIS AIN'T SEA WORLD MOTHERFUCKER.

But Beat keeps waving at him. G-Dawg slowly inches away. Eventually the cranky Gyarados caves and sends a nice big splash at him.

The water is, predictably, freezing.]

... Bwaaah!!!

[he instantly drops the gear to warm up his shoulders with his hands]

Man! Why'd I have to find the beach in December?!

[Having escaped the splash, G-Dawg is now in the distance, rolling around in the sand and laughing his doggy ass off.]


[G-Dawg's not shutting it. But Beat realizes he has the backpack, and therefore his towel.]

Yo yo... G-Dawg! C'mere! C'mere, boy!

[The Houndoom runs away down the sand instead. Beat bolts off after him, shivering]


[and thus, a game of beach tag was initiated. Fish 2 watches on, unimpressed, as the wettened gear lays in the sand. Amazingly, it hasn't broken.]
Tags: beat is a moron, fish 2, g-dawg, olivine city, omg the beach, public nuisances
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