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How's my skatin'?

Yo, tell my mun how she doin', aight? 

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mah pokeymans

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Last updated on Apr 26, 2011

Beat's messages

(ooc: post here to call Beat up for any reason. I'll think of an answering machine message later; consider it to be on default right now.)

18. [video/action for Route 34]

[the camera turns on to Beat, who is hanging out in front of the Pokemon Day-Care. Behind the fence is Lil' Punk the Furret, and his Lanturn, sitting in the pond.]

Yo - it's me. I went kinda AWOL for a bit, and I didn't get the chance to tell, so I jus' want y'all to know that I didn't mean to, uh, worry no one. And sorry. I know I didn't call everyone I shoulda, but I'm still kinda confused about who's still here and who ain't.

[he looks behind him through the fence, then to two eggs in his lap, which he is awkwardly showing now]

... So I found these from that Easter thing. Well - aight, one was in the park and the other one jus' kinda showed up. But I had to make room for em', and tha's when I found this place! Yo, how come nobody told me there was some people who could watch your pokemon for ya?

[he shifts the camera behind the fence. The furret's kind of rolling around in some soft grass, but when she spots the camera, she hisses and idly swats in its general direction. Shoo, camera B( No capturing her dere side. He turns it on the Lanturn instead, which is blowing some bubbles in the pond.]

I think Lil's gonna be pretty happy here. She always hated bein' in the box, and I felt kinda bad about it. Like I could kinda relate. Every time I end up in one of those freakin' super-naps, it jus' keeps buggin' me how much time I lost, yo! It can't be much fun comin' out of the computer and it's suddenly two weeks later or something. That's even like the bare minimum since travel in these parts takes so freakin' long. Some of my pokemon are okay wid it, but like...

- Eh, wait, that wasn't even the point, yo! I was gonna ask somethin' about the eggs!

... Man, I totally forgot what it was.

[he shrugs, stares awkwardly behind him again as though Lil and Lanturn would be able to remind him. But when, of course, they don't, he just shuts the thing off.]

[Hey Johto...

You know how there was that kid Beat, and he was asleep for a ridiculously long time again? Well, he's currently snoring in bed at the Pokemon Center in Ecruteak, but that's about to change. There's a sound of scratching that's bothering him.... grumbling incoherently, he throws off the pristine covers and sits up groggily, to see a horde of Paras clawing at the window like some kind of bad horror movie. He stares dully, yawns.]

Hell of a dream, yo...

[and he flops back into bed.

A couple minutes later, there's a crash, and he wakes up yet again. Oh. It seems the Paras managed to crack the glass, and one is now getting all cut up and bloody in trying to reach him. It thrashes, screams, and is fucking determined to GET IN AND SHANK HIM. He's finally convinced that this is too weird for a dream.]

Bwaaaah!! The hell is wrong witchu!?

[he scoots over to the door]

Yo, nurse!! We got trouble, move your buns already!

[but his face falls as he sees the nurses bustling about, helping all of the other trainers and their poor little pokemon.

And come to think of it, what the hell was he doing here anyway? Last he remembered, he was camping on the way to Goldenrod. This is getting really confusing. But he doesn't have much time to think, since the Paras finally squeezed in, charging across the floor to deliver a fury cutter to his legs.]


[in the background, another of the Paras steps up to the glass to start breaking it more so the rest of the little bugs can get in. He stumbles away from the one scratching his legs - pokemon, where are his pokemon!?]

Damn it-!

[he has to get to the computer. He kicks the poor bug in the face, causing it to shriek and become even angrier, but it does knock it across the room giving him time to make it to the door and hold the knob shut. After a moment, he can see a little bloody claw trying to poke under the door]

Y'all don't quit...

[he mutters, then looks around, seeing a nearby chair. His hand still gripping the door, he reaches his leg waaaay over to pull it toward him, prop it under the knob so it won't turn. It seems to work, so he heaves a big sigh. Then he strides over to the PC, shooting a quick glare at the others in the center, and withdraws Voodoo Doll - she's the only one who won't completely wreck the center with her attacks. Releasing her, though, she promptly leaps into his arms, squishing her boobs in his face. SHE MISSED HIM SO MUCH ;A; But he responds with a sputter.]

Mph- VOODOO! Not the time, yo!! This is a cacophany!

[he means a catastrophe. He puts the Jynx down, pointing at the door]

Now Voodoo, here's what it is. Behind that door is some mushroomheads that are *!@*%ing nuts. What we gotta do is freeze em', and then freeze up the window so they can't keep hurtin' themselves. You got that?

[Voodoo Doll claps. Beat, so manly! So quick to action! But wait! HIS LEG IS BLEEDING. She pauses, and kneels down to kiss the boo-boo.

He rolls his eyes.]

Are you done?!

[she gives him a thumbs up]

Ugh, fine. Aight!! Here goes nothin'!!

[he kicks the chair aside, and the Paras knock the door open - about five of them rush at the two of them. Voodoo Doll uses ice punch on the nearest one, and the scuffle begins...]

16. [video/action for Ecruteak City/text]

[Beat's life lately: A quick and easy victory at Morty's gym, followed by some part-time work and times of training up the baby Tropius, now called "Day-Oh", and the traded Jynx, "Voodoo Doll", to be acceptable levels for traveling and not fainting. Now, Beat has returned to Ecruteak city to get ready to head down to Goldenrod! And also to buy a cooler and some hot dogs so he can make use of Voodoo's mad refrigeration skills.

But it seems that Voodoo Doll's psychic powers have grown...

And by that I mean, Beat's got his video camera on this jynx, who is dancing, but it seems a large group of the town's NPCs have been compelled to come out and join her, chatting absently amongst themselves while standing in a chorus like on either side of Voodoo Doll and swaying their hips in a decidedly truthful sort of way. There might be a kimono girl or two in there. If you're nearby, the jynx might have even ensnared YOU.]

Awww man, this a show, y'all!

Yo, by the way, is that supposed to happen?

[TEXT to Neku and Rhyme]



15. [video]

[when the feed comes on, you can see that Beat is outside of the Ecruteak Pokemon Center. It would seem that he's just arrived though, stopping only for a nice meal before he called out. In fact he quickly licks some mayo off his thumb before he gives the camera a serious look.]

Aight, yo, guys. I am hella sick of the travelin' food, and this foragin' biznis? DONE. Wild plants, nuts - s'all jus' blech! And donchu even get me started on the berries. I tried every kind, they all nasty.

So what I'm gettin' at is - any of you wanna trade me a ice pokemon? If I get a cooler, it can keep it icy and refrigerate some hot dogs and lunchmeat and stuff! Then G-Dawg can cook em' up. It's genius right? Anyways, I was thinking of like...

[give him a moment while he attempts to remember the original 150 from when he was a little kid...]

- a Articuno. That one's pretty legit. So yeah, jus' call me up. Dependin' on watchu got, you could have any of mine, 'cept G-Dawg.

[and as you can see, he has a Furret, a Sandslash, an Onix, a Lanturn, a baby Tropius, and a Duskull. Most of them are in the middle of eating, the Onix is ignoring her food to show off for the camera, but when the Tropius overhears, it suddenly launches at Beat, its leafwings flapping rapidly, like a deranged hummingbird.]


[Beat jumps back as the little dino gets in his face and shuts off the camera. A few minutes later, he calls back. Tropius is still hovering in the air, but has chomped down on his ear. But it doesn't have any teeth so Beat's kinda just deadpanning at that. He's at least found out what its problem is.]

You can't have this guy either, yo.


[being stuck in the Pokemon center in Olivine, Beat has had nothing to do except drink hot chocolate, talk to his pokemon... and once he gets bored enough, eavesdrop on the NPCs. Because there is literally nobody else to eavesdrop on... unfortunately, they seem to have a one-track mind and he doesn't really get it. He absently turns to his gear.]





[Audio; to Rhyme]

Yo, how's it goin' on your end? Get inside if you ain't already, sis.

13. [video]

[After the fourthwall, Beat had no idea where he was, so he decided to just get on G-Dawg's back and have his awesome Houndoom nose lead them to civilization. Now, he's in Olivine City, which is surrounded by ocean. After having done some exploring (particularly of the famous restaurant he heard of from a bunch of rowdy sailors), he's taking this opportunity to let Fish 2 swim around the perimeter of the city. G-Dawg trots at his side, wearing Beat's backpack. And Beat is filming! Because this town is the least dinky he's been in, having skipped Goldenrod, so color him impressed.]

Sup, Johto! Who wants a tour of Olivine?

[Right now they're at the Lighthouse, and Two is in the shot. And yes, Rise, he still has the necklace. Starting from there, he'll run around with the gear, going "ooh" and "aah" at things, basically being an annoying tourist with a camera. Until finally-]

Booyaka! They got a beach! Hit me, Number Two! Splash attack!

[Two growls and gives him this grumpy stare. THIS AIN'T SEA WORLD MOTHERFUCKER.

But Beat keeps waving at him. G-Dawg slowly inches away. Eventually the cranky Gyarados caves and sends a nice big splash at him.

The water is, predictably, freezing.]

... Bwaaah!!!

[he instantly drops the gear to warm up his shoulders with his hands]

Man! Why'd I have to find the beach in December?!

[Having escaped the splash, G-Dawg is now in the distance, rolling around in the sand and laughing his doggy ass off.]


[G-Dawg's not shutting it. But Beat realizes he has the backpack, and therefore his towel.]

Yo yo... G-Dawg! C'mere! C'mere, boy!

[The Houndoom runs away down the sand instead. Beat bolts off after him, shivering]


[and thus, a game of beach tag was initiated. Fish 2 watches on, unimpressed, as the wettened gear lays in the sand. Amazingly, it hasn't broken.]
[while training, Beat has gotten himself caught up in the glitch. But he hasn't noticed yet, and ~*~coincidentally~*~, is making a pokegear post.]

Yo, yo... alla sudden, my sandshrew don't wanna train anymore! I think it started ever since she hit level 21... sup widdat? I don't think she sick...

[he points the camera at Wreckin' Ball the sandshrew, who curls into a ball shyly but indeed looks healthy. However, Beat then looks up.]

--Bwaaaah! When'd that farm get there?!

[he runs around a bit so there is wooshing on the screen. Wreckin' Ball gasps and tries to roll after, bumping into the back of his leg when he stops]

How the hell? Oh man, I am so lost...