Beat (used_beatup) wrote,

08 [action for route 33]

[Beat's hallucinations have escalated!! Thank goodness his nightmare is mostly harmless, right? He just thinks he lost his pants, is all, and at Kay's suggestion has been running about with a towel around his waist. You may encounter the boy as you stumble in the foggy night. He squints, then points accusingly]


[For you see, now Beat is seeing his pants on YOU. And anything else he encounters really. YOU ALL STOLE HIS PANTS, AND HE IS COMING TO GET THEM BACK.

But luckily for you, his sister Rhyme is only a few steps behind...]

[ooc: you > beat > rhyme]
Tags: beat is a moron, give me back my pants!!, not all nightmares are scary, rhyme
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